2013 Retrospective & 2014 Futurespective


After writing this article's headline and staring at the empty list-like monitor for 4 hours I now understand why I couldn't manage to find a lot of articles saying what have the people done in 2013, what have they achieved and how.
The reason is that it is hard to write such an article. My thoughts go wild - I start writing something and something else appears, I start writing both of them and a third one comes out.. After everything calms down the list is empty and so is my head - all the thoughts have disappeared the same way they were pushing in. It's hard to manage your thoughts.

2013 Retrospective

Sicilian defence

2013 was a success. It could have been a huge success but it wasn't.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems and now I'm attending the E-business and E-government Master's program. The whole year I was working for same company - Komfo.

The most important part here is that I finally started working on my own ideas. This was something I missed since my first business challenge - 2 years ago. Setting aside 1-2 hours / day and more through the weekends I showed myself and the teams that entrepreneurship can be seeded here and together we can make things better.

I help students from the High school of Mathematics "Baba Tonka" to develop their entrepreneurship skills. (I like the word "skills". You don't have to say 10 more words on what exactly.. Simply "skills".)

I have travelled 17000km. with my car and.. more than 17000km. by other means.

I participated in competitions and events that make me think there's future for the young people in Bulgaria and also - for the country itself.

2014 Futurespective

Bright? Of course, my dear!

With each day passing by I become more and more confident in my own abilities to change the world starting with a very small piece - changing myself.

In 2014 I should have at least 1 project started by me (in a team) that will actually sell something to someone successfully. It would be best if a seed fund supports the project but who knows..

Meeting more smart and experienced people that know what they want and how to get it. Meeting more students with sharp and bright minds.

Learning more in the professional area I have chosen - web. Learning more about what is management and how to do it effectively.

I'll start paying for courses and events because not all good things are free.


It's a whole new world out there. Stay cool.

Lucky giraffe