Buying a compact car

Which one?

There's a huge list of cars and everybody's telling his own stories on which one is the best (most commonly - his own). But which one is the best, really?

Which car is the best?

The best car for my (or your) needs has to:
1. Match criteria for length, extras and so on.
2. Let's define:
B = The cost of the car when I buy it.
A = The amount of money I'm going to put in the car for the years I'm going to drive it.
S = The cost of the car when I decide to sell it.
L = Money lost.
L = B + A - S
L has to be the smallest possible number. :)

So the best car for me has to match my criteria and at the end - to be the one that has costed me the smallest possible amount of money.

How to find the best car

I had an idea on making such a website but it would took several months of development that currently I don't have.

Obviously finding a list of cars matching one's criteria is easy.

The question is how to find the one that would cost me less money than the others?

What to take into account? (a quick list)

  • Buying price
  • Selling price
  • Spare parts: How ofter would you be pushed into situations of buying spare parts, waiting for them to come, at what price.
  • Tires and other supplies: The bigger and more specific they are the higher price you'll pay.
  • Fuel economy: Calculate with the price of your fuel.
  • Insurances
  • Taxes: A lot of taxes should be payed for owning a car nowadays. Be sure you are taking into account all of them.
  • Technical inspections
  • Periodical service visits
  • Your time: Calculate the time (in hours) you have to put aside in order to go and buy something or visit the insurance agent or wherever you have to go on your own. Then multiply it by the price your boss is paying you per hour. Now you have the amount of money you've just lost.
  • Garage

My decision

I decided to buy a new car on leasing. I think it will be best to drive it around 5 years. I've not made a lot of calculations, just a few.
Here are some tables showing some numbers.

All of them include the criterias for calculating as defined up there. Maybe the numbers are not all clear but these are real calculations with real numbers for my current car.


Speaking of compact cars it's almost 100% the same if you are driving a new or used car.

On one hand the car's cost is higher, on the other - the time cost is higher.

Make the right choice on your own. :)

Lucky giraffe