HackFMI v2.0 starts today

Hello everyone!

Maybe you don't know but the greatest programming event (in my opinion) in Bulgaria for cause and fun starts this evening!


The event

This is the second version of the event and this time I'm going to take part in a larger team.
I'm very excited and impatient to start coding, discussing with the others and proving that all of us - "just" students - can change the education system in our faculty, university and in the whole country.
You can find the agenda here HackFMI v2.0 agenda.

The team

Our team, as the whole event, is very interesting.

The team is consisted of 5 people (this is the maximum allowed), 4 of us are coders and 1 is designer.
Here comes the interesting part - all of the coders are specialists in different programming languages. :)

As the first team member in the list, my preferred language is PHP, JavaScript on the second place. Here's my LinkedIn profile - Vihren "V" Ganev where you can find more about me. With a few words - I am working as a Software Developer for Komfo, having about 3.5 - 4 years of experience.

The second team member is Adrian "Ado" Kateliev. He is Perl black ninja but also uses PHP and JavaScript. He is working for Rezon Media for about 2 years. Haven't heard anything about the company? Maybe you have used mobile.bg or imot.bg. ;)

The third is Rosen "Rosko" Shtilionov. He is working as a Software Developer in one of the fastest growing companies in the global gaming casino industry - Euro Games Technology (EGT). He has more than 2 years of experience in creating games for slot machines, using C++. We are going to check his web programming abilities. :)

The fourth is Dobromir "Dobata" Kralev. He told me to represent him like this: "super mega awesome, handsome and modest". "Dobata" is Front-end Developer in up2technology and is dedicated to all Microsoft technologies - C# and stuff like this. He is also very good JavaScript developer and everything Front-end-related. :)

Last but not least - our designer Jordan "Dancho" Lipchev. I should write a novel to describe him and the great work he's doing, but I have to keep it short. Dancho is Graphic Designer at EasyOnline. He is extremely talanted and always helping his friends (Thank you!). Maybe you have seen some of the TV ads, billboards or banners he has created for clients. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects - just toys. :)

Final thoughs

On the first HackFMI event the team was just Me and Ado, Dancho joined on the second day.
We wrote about 2000 lines of code for the time the event was held and received a special award from Alexander Todorov, nothing more, nothing less.

This time we are aiming at winning all the awards! :)
See you tonight!
Wish us good luck. :)

Lucky giraffe