Hello, Ghost 0.7.0!

Time goes by

It's been 1 year and 3 months without posting to the blog.

Ghost (the platform this blog uses) was updated several times for that period and the blog was running the very first version. Instead of posting I decided to migrate and upgrade and then post about the upgrade itself.

The operation went so smoothly I've never imagined I can upgrade and migrate one unstable version from one server to another unstable version on another server with different OS without something breaks down. Miracles happen!

How to ...

The download section is hidden for not logged in users, here is a direct link to the page - https://ghost.org/download/
Just extract to your preferred directory and run npm install --production
The second step is to copy and replace the database of your current blog to the new one. The file is content/data/ghost.db
If you want to change configurations - config.js is your place.
Last step - run npm start --production
If you prefer to have something to watch if the process is running, the people from Ghost recommend using forever - npm install -g forever and then NODE_ENV=production forever start index.js.
Here is an article on the forever topic - https://www.howtoinstallghost.com/how-to-start-ghost-with-forever/

It works!

Nicely done!

Have in mind you have to run all these commands as superuser because Ghost receives incoming connections on a port the platform opens by itself.