Memory disks adventures

The initial problem

The hard disk of my mother's dekstop PC died.

5-year old Seagate, 500GB. (In case anyone of you has ever thought of buying one.)

Luckily I had a 1TB 2.5' HDD that wanted to sell so I just came and replaced it.


I had to install Windows 7, of course.

  1. I have a Windows disk but it was burned about 3 years ago. However I put it in and got what? Error. "Windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."
  2. Problem. My laptop has no DVD drive.
  3. Problem. My other laptop has DVD drive but there was no DVD at home...
  4. Problems. I have a flash memory but it is just 1GB. My mother's flash is 2GB. I needed 4.
  5. Problem. I can't use my external HDD because I had no place to put the information.
  6. Problem. The other external HDD I already put into the PC.
  7. Problem. The additional SPACE I had is my phone which is not a good idea.
  8. I remembered there is a camera with memory card and luckily the card was 4GB and I also have a USB card reader (that I won about 10 years ago). Let the magic begin.
  9. When I extracted the Windows to the memory card as a disk and put it in the PC - I got the same error. Luckily again I found this video showing what to do. In one sentense: When the "Install" button shows up, tap Shift+F10 to show the console and type "diskpart", after that type "select disk 0" (or "disk volume" to see all disks and then "select disk [the number of your preferred disk volume]"). Minimize the console. Simple as that. Hit "Install" and continue as every other normal flow.
  10. Everything was good. I formatted the memory card once again, put the old pictures back and decided just to check if it still works with the camera. No. It didn't.
  11. Format in different types, block sizes, full format and so on did not lead to any result. According to the Internet the memory card has never been working, I had to change it and the camera should be repaired for $100. Now I laugh but just several minutes ago...
  12. The solution for the memory card was to put it in my laptop and use the same diskpart tool: "diskpart", "list volume", "select volume [the number of the memory card from the list volume step]", "active". And it worked.

The conclusion

Always bring a 4+GB flash drive with you.

Lucky giraffe