Ruse Hack 2015 v 2.0

The hackathon

Ruse Hack 2015 v 2.0 was the second hackathon we organized in Ruse, Bulgaria and it was a blast!
We put in lots of energy and the event went very smoothly!


60 participants presented their ideas at the end, combined in 20 teams. It is worth to underline that 8 teams consisted entirely of school students and I am not talking about just high school.
Very interesting projects were developed during the event - 9 web-based projects, 6 Android applications and 5 desktop applications.

The projects

Students' projects:

  • ASDF - Web-based project for managing personal and family budgeting, expected incomes and outcomes. The project had nice design, MVC code architecture and used PHP and JavaScript. The team won the first place.
  • Auxilium - Android application helping people with disabilities get a job. Companies can register and see the full profile including strength, biography and others, of these people and then contact them. The project won the third place.
  • Eclips3 - C# desktop application physics calculator for finding the missing value (parameter) in given formula.
  • KVCrew - C# desktop application mathematics handbook which solves mathematical problems and even draws geometric figures.
  • Little champions - C++ console application Tic Tac Toe. You can play versus another player on the same computer or versus the computer.
  • Python - Console application with web interface which shows the current change rates USD/BGN, BGN/USD, EUR/BGN and BGN/EUR from the websites of Bulgaria's largest banks.
  • Quantum - Android application math game with different levels, points and time limit. The aim of the game is to divide the numbers into two different lists with the same sum.
  • Team Rocket - C# desktop application to help teachers give students homework and automatically check for copies using a service. The homework is written within the system. The team won the second place.

Professionals' projects:

  • 3P - Android application for travellers. The user chooses route and radius and sees interesting places near the route which can also be visited.
  • Apple - Web-based application (PHP) to see averaged weather report from three different weather forecast websites.
  • Dream Team - Android application for marking visited places around the world and adding picture or note to the place. The application is named My Life.
  • Fantastic four - Website helping people live healthy life, showing information about gyms, walking areas, cycling trails and others. The team used PHP and JavaScript as technologies and Foursquare's API.
  • KMP - Web-based application for suggesting movies. The user chooses a movie and can then see related movies, information, cover image, ratings and many others. The guys used PHP and JavaScript.
  • MAVN - Website for boardgame lovers. Host a boardgame or find new friends who also love playing boardgames. You can also choose who to play with and then tag the other players with relevant tags. The team uses BoardGameGeek's API and won the first place.
  • Play & Play - Web-based project written in Java and JavaScript (AngularJS) for media distribution which can also be changed and used for other purposes. Play & Play took the third place in the hackathon.
  • Quote trackers - Android application for the stock market which uses a special algorithm developed by one of the guys himself to predict and detect trends.
  • Run for help - Android application for helping causes with the power of running. After running or walking a certain distance you contribute to a cause you choose.
  • Sirius - Website which helps people adopt stray animals. From one side people say where is the animal and from the other - people can go and take it home.
  • Spiro Ltd - Wordpress-based application aiming to show young people there is a whole new interesting world out there and they should spend more time outside.
  • The nightingales - Web-based application thanks to which everyone can listen to his favourite type of music on automatic mode. The application is named Stereo Room and changes the songs automatically according to the user's mood and favourite genre. Stereo Room took the second place.

The sponsors and partners

This hackathon wouldn't be so amazing without our sponsors and partners.

A big thank you to all sponsors and partners of Ruse Hack 2015 v 2.0!

Programista - General partner and sponsor

Xogito - Technological partner

Visteon - Partner

Komfo, Sirma Group, Musala Soft, Weberest, Webvox, Networx, PC-Doctor, Velo Ruse and Superhosting also helped make the hackathon happen.

Once again - thank you all!

More interesting stats

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See you on the next hackathon!