Shiny new blog

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to convince myself for about a year that I should have a blog and share thoughts, news and experience.
So here it comes, finally!

A few words about the blog:

  • It uses the new Ghost blogging system.
  • Because the hosting of this domain does not have VPS I had to use my other hosting and redirect this subdomain to the other hosting with the so called "A record", whatever this is. (Something new for me.)
  • Ghost has live preview, the markdown is good and everything is fast, for now. It seems that the system has everything I need, including image uploads.
  • In the background it seems easy to understand and use. I installed the system and integrated Disqus comments for a total of 5 minutes.


And because this is no more than a first post there'll be nothing interesting at all. So let me end it with blog's lucky giraffe.

Blog logo

See you soon! :)