Total Controller v 2

Here I go again!

It's been 4 exhausting weeks I was busy within and now it is the time to write an update about our team's project - Total Controller.

It works!

Yes. It really does!

IE image OK, not like IE, but for real!

We were very disappointed after we found out that the Nexus 5 does not have an IR Blaster. It seems like it was a trick for people like me - The new Android 4.4 is going to support IR Blaster emitting and the one and only phone operating with it is Google's Nexus 5, which is a top class mobile phone, so I decided that it is perfectly clear the IR Blaster comes with it. No, it doesn't! (1)


This wrong assumption and more importantly the result of it changed our strategy (that we didn't have at all) entirely. :)

In the beginning we made a research and found out that Samsung and HTC have their own SDKs that include controlling the IR blaster of their devices. So we switched to Plan B - building the app for Samsung only.

Plan B

Kind of fail, again. Samsung do have their own SDK but it's not open to the public (2). You know - they want to whole pie for them. However because we are evil hackers we managed to pick out the correct way of using it although it is hidden. And we successfully controlled our TV! This one came out as a fresh air after two consecutive fails - (1) and (2).

But I am happy with everything that happened because I know the road to the success is long and tough. So we are on the correct road! And we don't give up!


It works - but not for all devices

Yes, it worked for our TV - 10-year old LG.
But it didn't work for the AC - Samsung and the Stereo system - Sony.
So here I had to start researching why other applications can control the AC while we can not. Although the other apps' behaviour is strange a lot, it works and if you are an advanced user you could find them useful.
It was a matter of time for the team to choose a man who should start researching how exactly the infrared works.
So I dove into the infra-ocean of 0s and 1s and started looking for fun and trouble with those bits. And I found some. It turned out that almost everything is clear, standardized and universal. The not-everything can also be learned and used.
I can tell you a lot about the bits but let's keep them aside for now.
So the conclusion is that we believe we are going to fix these issues and accomplish our mission - to control all IR devices. :)


Finish 1 task, get 2 new free

We have so many tasks now that no one can say "I have nothing to do".

They are divided into 4 big parts: programming + research, data management + research, market-related tasks + research and design + research. So it seems like you can't finish an idea (start a business) without researching absolutely everything.

We have a similar-to-roadmap document, saying that we should have our first release before Christmas (2013), in other words - stay tuned. :)

Make a difference

The team, again

Last but not least - we are now 7 people!
Except the so called 3 founders, we managed to unite:

  • A friend designer. I've already presented him to you in another article. In a word - he's go(o)d. :)

  • A friend specialist in market researches. He joined absolutely by chance - we talked for the start-up scene in Bulgaria just a few days after we started working on the idea. :)

  • A boy I didn't know before - we met in LinkedIn after I posted the idea in a group and he asked if he can help. So, yes, he is already helping us with his experience, financial and researching knowledge, and in the future - with his connection network. He's the youngest but the most experienced one. :)

  • A friend who was in another team but we offered him a higher salary so he joined us. Of course I'm kidding. He saw a brighter light at the end of our tunnel (sun or train?). He can help us with the Android programming and answering some start-up related questions also. :)



We're working; neither stopping, nor celebrating.
We do believe this idea can change a little piece of something somewhere and make the world a better place.

Lucky giraffe