Total Controller


This is an idea about Universal Infrared Remote Control Smartphone Application.
As I already shared with all of you here I have an idea about creating such an application so everyone can use it as a universal remote controller.

The first version

The first version In the first version there were a lot of things that I was not sure about, most of them related to the technology.

The second version (this)

Nexus 5 So here we go, exactly one week later, the good news are that it is technically possible to achieve the idea's goals. Hooray!
And how we found itout - Android 4.4 now supports IR blaster and so does the newest Android SDK.

The idea (improved)


Total controller is a mobile application which lets you control electronic devices that work with remote controls.

The idea is very challenging for me and the team.
We have to verify the idea first - make something that works as soon as possible and push it to Google Play.

How it will actually work:

1. There's a package named LIRC (LIRC) that allows you to decode and send infrared signals of many (but not all) commonly used remote controls. There's a list of all supported by the package remote controls models - The list is a bit old (2008-2010) and I couldn't find any of the remote controls in my home in it. Neither could my friends.. Coincidence? This is a good choice if I manage to find at least one device with remote control that is in the list.

2. There's also another solution - Global Caché Infrared Database ( Someone has grouped codes from manufacturers in a list where you first select the manufacturer, then the type of the device and then the codeset. There are several different codesets (for example 7) in which each key's code is written. Lastly select cache module (there are also different cache modules, for example 9). The sad news is that you can't select the remote control's model so you may have to try all the different combinations: 7 sets * 9 cache modules = 63 different combinations for one remote control. That's all right if at least one of them works. We have to try it.

Where to start from


So what the team is going to do:

1. MVP - android application with minimal design & REST API to get the codes from.

2. Get phone that can actually work with the idea (Nexus 5, because it's the only one with Android 4.4 and IR blaster) ASAP and test the application.

3. Release the application ASAP.

We hope that this process is going to take no more than a month and with all the preparations and stuff we'll be able to release it before Christmas. (Wish us good luck).

The end

Let's take advantage of the technologies and be prepared for the future!
IR! :)

Lucky giraffe