What to invest in (part 1)


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People always say:

  1. Listen to your teacher, be quiet and learn your stuff.
  2. Find a good job, or two jobs.
  3. Work harder for a lot of money.
  4. Have family, work harder.
  5. Have grandchildren, work harder.
  6. Retire and wait for the government to give you money.

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One day you'll wake up and say.. "What am I doing? Does the life exist.. to make me work?"

The lie

First of all, it's not the work you have to go harder for. It's the education.
And it's not in the school years, it's through the whole life.

But we'll talk (I'll write) about this later.

Also, working harder doesn't mean you'll get a higher paycheck.
And last but not least, the government doesn't give you money. People give you money. And if you haven't given anything to the others your whole life.. what do you expect from them to give you?

Time is money

If you work harder for more money you actually lose money, because you lose your time.
If you prefer to do something you can't just because otherwise you should pay someone - you lose money, because you lose time.

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But what to invest in?

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There are millions of articles in the web, saying the best way to invest money is to buy stocks. Yep, that's great.. if the stock prices raise. And not only should they raise but with a good percent, because there's inflation and so on. The chance to buy the right stocks and win something is absolutely minimal. If you are a risky player - go for it.
Why not buying an appartment? In some normal countries people don't buy appartments, in others they don't buy cars. Why buying an appartment? Am I going to earn some money? No. I'm not going to spend for rents.
Third option - make a bank deposit. The banks are one of the shittiest institutions in the whole world. But this is gaining them trust somehow. There's a high chance to earn some money because the interest rate is just a few points above the inflation rate.

And the winner is

But unexpectedly the most important thing to invest in is your health and medical care.
It's not the stock exchange, it's not buying an appartment and not even bank deposits.
The first place is for the health.

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Remember the plan from the first point? OK, the plan does not make sense. However. You wanted to work harder and harder? Can you do this if you are sick or are constantly going though hospitals? No. Can you do something lying in the hospital. No.

So before setting up your point of view and focusing on how your life should look like, what you should work, for how much money and so on and so on, think about this. Think about what would happen if something breaks up your plan, make your disaster recovery plan.

First of all be healthy and not just you. Also help the people you appreciate to be healthy, too.

Final lines

I'm not a doctor. :) I'm just young but not too young to understand the health is important. And people usually start thinking on the topic after it's too late. Don't wait for it to come and surprise you.

Here, take this lucky giraffe and be healthy. :)

Lucky giraffe